Who Says You Can't Make It Big In Rap Music?

Who Says You Can't Make It Big In Rap Music?

MTV’s hot reality show “Jersey Shore” featured a song by up-and-coming rap music artist Skiddalz when it kicked off its second season this week. If you haven’t heard of Skiddalz yet, you’re not alone, but the rapper is making a big impression on the music world. Skiddalz, who hails from St. Louis, isn’t your typical rapper.
In an interview with St. Louis Today, she says she’s “bringing a new voice, a fat white girl.”

Rap Music Is For Everyone

If Skiddalz offers one thing to the rap music industry (besides some outstanding raps) is the idea that rap music is big enough to break through the stereotypes that have grown up in rap music about who rap musicians are. The art form isn’t exclusive to one gender or one race; anyone with a story to tell, a good rhythm and a good rhyme can become the next rap star – even a self-described “fat white girl” like Skiddalz.

So, after you listen to Skiddalz, and know that she got her start on Unsigned.com, what are you waiting for? What is your story? How are your rhymes?

If you really want to tell your story and make it happen (did I mention that Skiddalz has licensed several of her songs to MTV for use in their programming?), you need a few tools in your toolkit. One of the tools you don’t want to pass up is Sonic Producer. Sonic Producer allows you to make the beats that mean something to you quickly and professionally.

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If you’ve got a good rhythm and rhyme, why are you keeping it to yourself? Get your music down by making your own beats. Export your music to MP3, get it up on iTunes, Unsigned.com or wherever else you want to go to get yourself noticed and let the world know how good your music really is.

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Photo Credit: GillesKlein, via Flickr